ISO 15926 - Generic Data Model and Reference Data for Information Integration

Gellish Formal English is derived from ISO 15926-2 and 4 (and from ISO 10303-221). Gellish is developed in order to make the implementation of ISO 15926 easier as well as more powerful. This is done in various ways:

  • By providing a simple tabular implementation method: the Gellish Expression Table.
  • By defining easy understandable standard English phrases and inverse phrases as synonyms for the 15926-2 relation types.
  • By extending the 15926-2 semantic expression capabilities by defining additional relation types.
  • By eliminating the data model and integrating the entity type definitions in the ISO 15926-4 hierarchy.

After some years of further development and practical experience in industrial implementations of Gellish English, it became mature and is now being ISO standardized as part of the ISO 15926-11 standard.

The close relation between ISO 15926-2 and Gellish English is apparent from the fact that the semantic capabilities of ISO 15926-2 are also available as the "ISO 15926-2 subset of Gellish". Thus, any Product Model, Information Model or Knowledge Model that is expressed in Gellish using only this subset is fully compatible with ISO 15926-2.

For example, ISO 15926-4 is an ISO standard that contains definitions of concepts (kinds of things) in a number of engineering domains. The concepts are arranged in a number of Domain Taxonomies. Those ISO 15926-4 Dictionaries/Taxonomies are expressed as ISO 15926-2 'specialization of class' relations. That relation type has as synonym the <is a specialization of> relation type in Gellish English. Thus the whole ISO 15926-4 Dictionary/Taxonomy can be delivered in the form of Gellish English Data Tables.

The Gellish ISO 15926-4 Data Tables with their definitions and taxonomies can be imported directly in Gellish powered applications, such as the Gellish Search Engine that can be purchased from the shop and can be used and integrated together with other Gellish models. In this way application of ISO 15926-4 is extended with the power of the application of Gellish.