The documents and data files below are downloadable free of charge.

  1. Gellish Syntax and Contextual Facts – the syntax definition for Gellish expressions.
  2. Example of a road network in Gellish – Description
  3. Example of a road network in Gellish – Data
  4. Document management in Gellish – how to implement document management.
  5. Logic reasoning and deduction in Gellish – how to use logic relations for drawing conclusions from premises.

The Gellish Taxonomic Dictionary CSV files in Gellish Expression format:

  1. Formalized language definition base – Upper ontology, definitions of kinds of relations.
  2. extended language definition – Concept definitions that extent the Upper ontology.
  3. units of measures & currencies – Scales for quantifications of properties by numeric values.
  4. units of measures – Special symbols in Unicode – Scales denoted by non-ASCII symbols.