Formal English language definition & Communicator software


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This once-off license includes the language definition of Formal English (or Formal Dutch / Formeel Nederlands) together with the Gellish Communicator application software. The language definition is provided in a database with the Taxonomic Dictionary-Ontology in form that can be imported by the Communicator software. The language definition includes computer readable formal definitions of concepts including also kinds of relations in the form of a taxonomic dictionary-ontology. The Gellish Communicator Software will import the language definition in the form of a semantic network. It allows for import and verification of product and process models that are expressed in Gellish. It integrated the imported data in the semantic network and allows for searching for concepts and querying the database. The search and query results are displayed in various generic user interface views and can be exported as Gellish expression files in either CSV or JSON format.
The Communicator software is directly available for Windows. Versions for other operating systems are possible on request.

The source data tables of the taxonomic dictionary-ontology (the language definition) is a separate product. It can be licensed through a separate licensing agreement and can then be uploaded in proprietary database systems.
The syntax of Gellish expressions is free available via the Free Download area.

The software can be downloaded from GitHub and the corresponding database will be provided after receipt of the payment.