• Training on Semantic Modeling, using Formal English or Formal Dutch
  • Training and guidance on a systematic approach for the development or improvement of Domain Dictionaries-Taxonomies and Classification systems.
  • Training and guidance on the development of Definition Models, Product Models, Knowledge Models, Requirements Models or Facility Information Models (FIMs and BIMs), compliant with various ISO and IEC standards, such as ISO 16354 and ISO 15288 – Systems Engineering.

Development advise and services

  • Mapping and Improvement of Company Vocabularies and Classification systems on available Dictionaries-Taxonomies.
  • Creation, management and application of Semantic Models, such as:
    • Domain Dictionaries – Taxonomies
    • Object Libraries
    • Product Models and Activity Models and Process Models
    • Knowledge Models – Ontologies
    • Requirements Models
    • Facility Information Models (FIMs)
    • Building Information Models (BIMs)
    • Etc.

Quality review services

  • Quality Management and Verification of Semantic Information Models, Domain Dictionaries-Taxonomies, Knowledge Models, Object Libraries, Classification systems, etc.

Certification services

  • Semantic models – Verified on compliancy on proper application of Gellish Formal English or Formeel Nederlands.
  • Software – Verified on reading and writing Gellish Formal English and Formeel Nederlands.
  • Organizations – Authorized to extent the Gellish Dictionary-Taxonomy or its Domain Dictionaries.

Tools development services

Application support

  • Organizations can be supported on the application of Semantic Modeling and the use of Formal English or Formal Dutch by providing documentation, developing dedicated guides and by providing help desk support. We also organize workshops and seminars.
  • Services and support can be provided in English or Dutch.

Service requests can be issued via the service request form. is a not-for-profit organization.