A Gellish Search Engine can be purchased via the webshop.

The Gellish Search Engine is a software tool that operates on any Gellish Database or File in XLS or XML form.

The search engine has unique capabilities, such as:

  • Powerful searching on any data and documents in multiple Gellish Expression Table files.
  • Walking through the information network.
  • Integrated search and presentation of product information, dictionary/taxonomy data, knowledge and requirements.
  • Launching of applications to view documents in PDF, DOC, XLS, DWG etc. format.
  • Semantic verification of expressions of facts and quality of information models.
  • Application of inheritance of facts via a taxonomy (subtype-supertype hierarchy).
  • Import of Gellish Data Tables that are expressed in Gellish XLS format (also called the GLS format), which can be edited using Excel.
  • Conversion of XLS to CLB format for faster access.