Gellish Syntax for Formalized Languages

The Gellish Syntax standard defines the Gellish Expression Format for the definition of Universal Semantic Databases as well as for the definition of Data Exchange Message files. It also defines the Gellish collection of Contextual Facts, which provide a means to specify a detailed context for each expression to enable a precise the interpretation the expressions. Thus the document defines a native Gellish Formal Language syntax. The semantics is defined in the taxonomic dictionary and ontology.

The format is especially designed for definition of and expressions in formalized natural languages, such as Formalized English, Formalized Dutch and any other formalized natural language variant as well as for a combination of formalized languages. In addition to that, it can also be used for expressions in any language that is based on RDF.
Databases and Messages in this format are suitable for the storage and exchange of any kind of idea or fact or question or command that is expressed in a Gellish formalized natural language.

Gellish Syntax for Formalized Languages – Nov 2020

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