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The Gellish Communicator App

Welcome to the Gellish Communicator application.
The Communicator software demonstrates capabilities of using Formal English or Formal Dutch (Formeel Nederlands). The Communicator can import files in Gellish Expression format and verifies their content on the correctness of the expressions. It can also export Gellish files and is intended to enable expressing and exchanging information with Gellish enabled systems. The software also enables expressing and executing queries in Gellish, thus enabling searching for any modeled information knowledge and requirements, including also searching for concepts and their definitions in the taxonomic dictionary and ontology. The Communicator can present information in various generalized display views, including network views, taxonomy views, and views for display of knowledge, product information, process and activity data, people, projects and organizations, etc.

The software is available via the Communicator open source development project on GitHub.

The Gellish Wiki provides guidance on expressing information and knowledge in Gellish, thus learning semantic modeling of products and processes and building semantic networks.

The User Manual provides guidance on using the Communicator, especially on searching for any modeled information.

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